FILM includes (most recently)

  • Romantic Road ( Michael Karen ) Romantic Road Productions
  • Ernestine and Kit ( Simon Bird ) Black Sheep Productions
  • Dorothy  (Agnes Merlet)  DM Productions ltd.
  • Breakfast on Pluto (Neil Jordan) – Parallel Films
  • Lynn in WHEN BRENDAN MET TRUDY  (Kieran Walsh) – Collins Avenue Film
  • Minnie Kennedy in A LOVE DIVIDED (Syd McCartney) – Parallel Films
  • Winnie in NIGHT TRAIN (John Lynch) – Subotica Productions
  • MOLL FLANDERS (Pen Densham) – MGM
  • Maddie in WIDOWS PEAK (John Irvin) – Oxara
  • Olive in FAR AND AWAY (Ron Howard) – The Irish Company
  • THE COMMITMENTS (Alan Parker) – Beacon Communications
  • Nancy in THE LILAC BUS (Giles Foster) – Littlebird Films
  • A FLOWER THAT BLOOMS IN WINTER (female lead) (Estelle Snyder) – Independent German Production
  • ASCENDANCY (Ed Bennett) – B.F.I
  • REDS (Warren Beatty)
  • A NOUS LES PETITES ANGLAISES (Michele Lang) – Independent French Production
  • THE AUTHOR OF BELTRAFFIO (Tony Scott) – ScottFree Films










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